• April 26th, 2011
  • Posted by Andrew Humbles
  • RoyalMirror

RoyalMirror live on App Store!

Hot on the heels of our release of ZombieBooth AR+ yesterday, RoyalMirror is now available from the iTunes App Store.


Launched in celebration of the Royal Wedding this coming Friday, by downloading our app you will be able to magically transform yourself into Prince William or Princess Catherine.

More than just image manipulation the app blurs the line between reality and fantasy, RoyalMirror uses cutting-edge Augmented Reality face recognition to track your movements and perform majestic transformations, all in real-time.

Get it from the iTunes App Store Now!

ZombieBooth AR+ arrives on App Store

We are extremely happy to announce that ZombieBooth AR+ is finally available to download from the iTunes App Store.

ZombieBooth AR+

It has taken longer than we had hoped to go through the Apple submission process, however we are positive you will think the wait was worth it.

Visit the App Store now to transform yourself into a ravenous, brain-hungry zombie using cutting-edge Augmented Reality face recognition.

Get it from the iTunes App Store Now!

Announcing RoyalMirror!

We'd like to take this opportunity to formally announce our next great project alluded to in our past news articles. It's RoyalMirror, it's awesome, and it turns you into Prince William and Princess Catherine of the British Royal Family in celebration of the Royal Wedding on the 29th.


This post actually serves dual purposes. Not only is this an announcement, but it's also a kind of heads up that the app is submitted and in review by Apple. We're really hoping to have this one live super quick (time is of the essence), and have been working closely with Apple in hopes to expedite the approval process.

Remember, our Twitter's always there for updates and alerts.

Rethinking Our Strategy with ZombieBooth

We're terribly sorry to report that we've run into some real problems during Apple's approval process of our ZombieBooth AR+ app. Suffice it to say they've been less than helpful and problems at their end have caused difficulties in getting the app through and on the store.

For this reason we've had to have a little rethink of what we want to do with ZombieBooth AR+. It's a great app and we know you're gonna love it, but we're afraid we're going to have to put it on hold for a couple of weeks while we focus our efforts on an awesome new project we're soon to announce.

As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter to keep in the loop on Aptronic goings-on.

Sorry! ZombieBooth AR+ will be available soon. We promise.

ZombieBooth AR+ unleashed at Gadget Show Live!

ZombieBooth AR+ at Gadget Show Live

For those of you lucky enough to have attended the trade day at Gadget Show Live this year you will hopefully have stopped by our stand in the 'Future Technology' area of the show to get hands-on with ZombieBooth AR+.

This was the first time the ZombieBooth app has been shown to the public and whether you were amazed, or totally grossed out we were genuinely blown away by the positive reactions and generous comments from those who tried it.

If you didn't get tickets for this years Gadget Show Live we highly recommend you find a way to attended next year. There were so many great products and technologies many of which you could get to try out for yourself. Check out videos of what you missed at their website:

Thank you for all your great comments, the app is currently going through Apple's submission process and will hopefully be live on the iTunes app store in the next couple of days.

ZombieBooth AR+ Submitted!

We are very pleased to announce that our first live-video Augmented Reality (AR+) face tracking app has been completed and submitted to the iTunes App Store for review.

ZombieBooth AR+

The app instantly transforms you into a ravenous, brain-hungry zombie using cutting-edge AR face recognition to track your movements and perform frightening undead transformations, all in real-time. You can take photos of the action and share the horror on Facebook or via email.

It has taken a lot of hard work but we really think we have created something fun and unique with this app, and cannot wait to share it with you all.

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